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Double Rafter Cattle DrivesWyoming, USA

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Welcome to Double Rafter Cattle Drives. At Double Rafter we are an authentic working cattle ranch offering you the opportunity to join us on our mountain cattle drives.

6 times throughout the summer we move our cattle to new pastures as a part of our rotational grazing. We give you the opportunity at a trip of a lifetime - to join us on one of the most authentic vacations available: 6 days of camping, moving cattle and riding freely in the beautiful mountains of Wyoming.

You will experience nature, incredible country, great stock and freedom to ride. Our cattle drives are not made up for something to do, this is a real drive that we would be doing with or without our wonderful guests. As featured in the 'New York Times', this is reality. We don't schedule phony stampedes, cloudbursts, blizzards, rodeos, wagon wrecks, or brush fires. They happen all on their own!  If you really want a taste of the challenges that the early trail herds experienced, then this trip is for you!

Cattle drive dates 2015: June 21-June 25 (ladies only); July 5-July 10; August 2-August 6; August 23-August 27; September 13-September 18; September 29-October 4.

So, give us a call and book your trip! And, please contact us or visit our website for a list of 'What to Bring' and 'Travel Tips'.